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Admin Hub

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The admin hub is the main place to configure rules for the current project. It can be found in the project settings under the Auto State section.


The top bar provides a set of options for management

Refresh Data

Gives you the ability to refresh the configured rules from storage.

Add Rule

Add and configure a new rule for updating work item state


Under settings you will find various options to be able to control the behaviour of the extension. See Settings for more information.

Rule Tester

The rule tester allows you to test rules without having to apply changes to the work item. This can be useful if you want to check that your configuration is correct.

Rule Presets

The rule presets contains a set of standard rules you can add to your project to quickly get started with AutoState.

Context Menu

The context menu is found to the far right of each rule (three dots with an arrow) and contains options for the individual rule.


Allows you to open the edit view for the rule

Enable rule / Disable rule

Allows you to quickly enable or disable a rule without having to load the entire edit view

Copy to a different project

This option allows you to copy the selected rule to a different project that uses the same work item process.