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The following diagram shows the approval flow for acceptance criterias.

If a criteria has approvers assigned, only the user or a member of the approver group can complete the criteria, when no approvers is assigned, anyone can complete it. Processing can be done from the Criteria Details view.


The criteria goes into the Completed state when no approvers is assigned.

Complete the criteria by selecting CompleteOnce completed, you can chose to edit the criteria or reset the state to new

Approvals and Rejections

When a criteria is assigned an approver, the criteria goes into the approval flow. Acceptance Criterias supports the following as approvers:

  • Users
  • Teams
  • Permission Groups

Once a Team or Permission Group is assigned as an approver, only one member needs to approve.

Send the criteria to approval by selecting Send to approval. Processing can now be done by a member of the required approvers group.The approver can now chose to reject or approve the criteria. Optionally a comment can be added with a reason.


The main comment will show at the top. Old comments can be found under the history tab of the criteria.


Rejecting a criteria gives additional processing options.

One rejected, the criteria can either be set back to new, or it can be resubmitted for approval